Nats-Red Sox features 2020 version of a fan on the field

© Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

Every once and a while, a Major League Baseball game will provide the chaotic moment of a fan making their way onto the field during live action. Whether it ends with the crowd cheering or a takedown by a security guard, it's an occurrence that happens more commonly in baseball than some other sports.

In 2020, however, those moments have gone away as no fans are in attendance due to the coronavirus pandemic. That was until Sunday when the Nationals-Red Sox game introduced the 2020 version of a fan storming the field.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, play had to be paused when a cutout placed in a seat at Fenway Park found itself planted in left field near the green monster.

Juan Soto made his way over to corral the fan, taking a long look at who the culprit was. Unlike in a normal situation, there probably won't be any legal ramifications for whoever ended up on the outfield grass.

The 2020 baseball season has been a strange one, but if you had "cutout of a fan falling on the field and delaying the game" on your bingo card, you can now cross that off.