The Washington Nationals are set to build a 35,000-square foot restaurant and entertainment venue at Nationals Park. The project was first reported by the Washington Business Journal. 

Remember when Monumental Sports and Entertainment announced that the popular Green Turtle Sports Bar & Grille would be closing its doors April 9? It was later announced that the space would be used as a sportsbook, which fits right in line for what one of the purposes the soon-to-be Nats Park venue could serve.

Nationals Park is one of a trio of venues which can apply for a gambling license in the District of Columbia, following passage of legislation by the city council in December 2018. 

In March, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser was a guest on The Racing Presidents podcast, and we asked her what sports betting might look like here moving forward. 

We will be able to have two types: in-person and there will be sportsbooks. I'm not sure if they limited how many could be created, but we expect that they will be associated with other entertainment areas.

Mayor Bowser also teased that a mobile application where people can make wagers as part of the D.C. lottery system will eventually be introduced as well. 

The yet-to-be-named venue at Nationals Park is expected to bring in $22.75 million in revenue a year for the organization, according to Events D.C. board discussion.

Listen to the full Racing Presidents podcast episode with Mayor Bowser below.