It is time for another installment of "Nationals Supreme Court," where we lay out arguments and vote on the most timeless debates in Nats history. With three people, we can break the tie.

Today, we weigh in on the best trade the Nationals have made in team history. The votes were cast by Todd Dybas, Nick Ashooh and Chase Hughes...

Chase Hughes: Much like the question earlier this week about the most iconic moments in Nationals history, there are a lot of possibilities to choose from here. Mike Rizzo has a mostly stellar record with trades and in some cases has completely fleeced the other side.

The Tanner Roark deal in 2010, the 2010 Wilson Ramos trade and the moves to get top-shelf starters like Gio Gonzalez and Doug Fister all come to mind. But the best trade the Nats have ever made is the 2014 three-team deal to acquire Trea Turner and Joe Ross.

This was a two-for-one, a buy one, get one free trade for the Nats. Washington technically dealt two players, but really only one big leaguer in Steven Souza Jr. And they got back two recent first round picks, both at positions of need. Turner ended up replacing Ian Desmond at shortstop and is now a borderline All-Star. And Ross, though not as accomplished as Turner yet, started a World Series game for them. They got two contributors to a championship all in one deal. Not bad.

CHASE'S VOTE: Turner/Ross



Nick Ashooh: Mike Rizzo has quite a few trades on his resume with this team, and often trying to fix a broken bullpen midway through a season. Nothing is more important than the trade that brought them Trea Turner and Joe Ross, though. 

You bring in a natural leadoff hitter and your everyday shortstop who’s constantly a stolen base threat, as well as a capable starter in Joe Ross. Both, by the way, are still under 28 years old.

NICK'S VOTE: Turner/Ross


Todd Dybas: Congratulations to Chase on getting something right during these discussions.

This is punch-to-the-face obvious. A quality starting shortstop and even a part-time pitcher in exchange for a part-time outfielder is a coup. Steven Souza has played four full seasons in the major leagues. He compiled 6.0 bWAR during that time. Trea Turner had 3.3 bWAR last season alone, despite missing 40 games.

So, kudos to Mike Rizzo. This deal will be an eternal victory lap and become all the more egregious if Ross ever produces a solid full season.

TODD'S VOTE: Turner/Ross


WINNER: The 2014 trade to acquire Trea Turner and Joe Ross that sent Steven Souza Jr. to the Rays.

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