When the Capitals won the Stanley Cup in 2018, they took “partying hard” to a new level, delighting countless fans with their joyous antics.

If the state of the Commissioner’s Trophy, awarded to MLB’s World Series champion each year is at all representative, the Nationals are hoping to replicate that same enthusiasm when celebrating their own title.

Notice the trophy, which is already missing three flagpoles.

The Nationals only just arrived back in Washington, D.C. Thursday night, but they already are bringing back their trophy in more pieces than one.

Of course, Major League Baseball will be sure to make any necessary repairs prior to seeing it enter the Nationals’ trophy case, but still. Any chances fans may have to take selfies with players who have the trophy will look a little different with a broken trophy.

Nationals closer Sean Doolittle weighed in with an evaluation of the trophy.

Ultimately, this looks like a sign of an epic celebratory winter to come for the Nationals, and they earned every second of it. Hopefully they can keep what remains of their trophy in one piece.