Nats troll Phillies with pictures of World Series rings

© Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The creation of social media has been great for many reasons. Memes, GIFs, pocket typos and more always make the apps enjoyable. One of the other great features is sports teams' ability to trash talk one another through their accounts.

The Washington Nationals Twitter account is no stranger to this, especially after winning the World Series in 2019. Constant trolls are expected and well-earned, and they commonly come at the expense of the Philadelphia Phillies, a division rival with a familiar face in Bryce Harper on their roster.

So, it was no surprise that when the teams began a three-game series on Tuesday, the Nationals came out swinging on social media with a jab at the Phillies' "Ring the Bell" mantra. Washington made sure to remind their rivals who actually earned the rings last season.

A great troll, showing off the diamonds is really the best flex a team can have. However, trolling does not come without the risk of things backfiring based on how play on the field goes.

The Nationals saw that on Tuesday, as they fell to the Phillies 8-3 and Philadelphia fans quickly flooded their mentions to remind them of a graphic that was tweeted pregame stating "Beating Philadelphia isn't as hard as Philadelphians say it is" with the team's head-to-head records.


Sure, the Phillies got the best of the Nationals on Tuesday, but until they are able to hold the World Series trophy once again, Washington probably won't stop the trolling anytime soon.