'No amount of money' could get Stroman to play for La Russa


Whoever signs Marcus Stroman in free agency this year will get an incredibly talented pitcher to put toward the front of their pitching staff. 

It's hard to imagine Stroman not getting a long-term big-money contract, it's just a matter of who'll be the team to come to an agreement with the right-handed pitcher. 

Judging by a string of tweets by Stroman, the White Sox won't be on his list. 

Newly-hired White Sox manager Tony La Russa was charged with DUI after allegedly running his car into a curb and leaving it smoking on the side of a Phoenix-area road in February. The White Sox were aware of the incident when they decided to hire him. 

With full knowledge of Chicago's decision, Stroman replied "Smh" and "baffling on all measures."

When a fan asked him what amount of money it would take for Stroman to play for La Russa, he replied, "No amount of money honestly. Peace of mind is always priority."

Stroman opted to sit out of the 2020 season and the final year of his contract with the Mets. The Blue Jays traded him to New York at the 2019 trade deadline, and he posted a 3.77 ERA in 11 games. Stroman had a 2.96 ERA with 99 strikeouts for the entire 2019 season.