Pending free agent Trevor Bauer asks if D.C. is a 'fun city'


For as good as Trevor Bauer is at pitching, he may be better at Twitter. For as dominant as his fastball and offspeed pitches are, his trolls are just as potent.

The right-handed starter has become one of the best personalities -- and follows -- baseball has to offer thanks to his larger than life personality that he displays on the field and the internet. 

His latest social media masterpiece has come as he prepares to hit the free agent market. Bauer can't officially meet with teams or sign a new contract for a little while longer, but that hasn't stopped him from stirring the pot on Twitter.

After the Cincinnati Reds were eliminated in the Wild Card, Bauer has been tweeting questions and thoughts about certain cities and teams, you know, just because he's curious and nothing else. Among them is Washington D.C. and the Nationals.

A meeting? Wonder why a pending free agent would be discussing what to do after a meeting in Washington D.C. Definitely has nothing to do with baseball.

As mentioned above, the Nationals are not the only one Bauer has reached out to. The Padres, Yankees and Red Sox have been mentioned as well. So, before you read to much into the tweet, don't. This is just Bauer being Bauer.

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Still, it's okay to at least ponder the thought of Bauer joining Washington for the 2021 season. Obviously, the skill is something every team would like to have. However, Bauer's preference for a one-year contract and the Nationals' financial situation don't make it a perfect fit.


Eventually, Bauer's tweets may actually dictate where he heads. For now, he's just having fun.