Bryce Harper's batting average will make Nats fans smile


The 2020 season has brought about a plethora of unique challenges and unforeseen circumstances, but a Bryce Harper mid-season slump is not one of them. It's almost a regular occurrence these days. 

In the last 24 outings, Harper's at-bat connection just hasn't been there. He's got an average of .159, one home run, three RBIs, and a .244 slugging percentage. Those numbers are way down from his first 22 games in 2020. 

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While his former Nationals continue to free fall, it's nice to see not everyone is playing at their peak during such an odd season. The 2019 World Series Champions remain in the basement of the NL East standing at 18-29 and would have to practically win-out the rest of their 13 games to try and get to the .500 mark.

But a Harper offensive slump is nothing new in recent years. Last season, his first in Philadelphia, Harper hit just .195 with two homers in a 23-game stretch after April 10. Rewind a tad more to his final season in Washington and again Harper struggled in the first-half of the season.

This truncated 60-game season is different, however. There's less wiggle room for extended slumps like the one Harper is currently in. But if the team who signed the lefty slugger to a 13-year, $330 million record-breaking deal last offseason wants a better push in 2020, they'll need Harper to snap out of it.