Philadelphia Phillies fans have tried warming up to Bryce Harper and his 13-year, $330 million contract.

In the most recent Racing Presidents podcast, NBC Sports Philadelpia Phillies analyst Corey Seidman explained that while Bryce's contract hasn't been favorable, Phillies fans are embracing Harper as one of their own.

"You expected that Bryce Harper at this point in the season, with this juice ball, would be hitting 18-20 home runs," Seidman said. "Philly loves the hustle and Harper knows that he's exhibited much more hustle than I think anybody would've imagined, and because of that reason, this fan base still loves his rah-rah style of play."

But Harpers time hasn't come without complaints.

"There's been a lot of 'he's not worth the money,' which is, that goes with the territory," Seidman said. "You knew that that was gonna be said at some point in his contract."

Fans are banking on Harper's aggressive playing style to pay off when he eventually starts hitting home runs.


"Harper has played so aggressively and so hard that a lot of this fan base is still behind him," Seidman explained. "Like he continues to leg out doubles on should-be singles. Like a soft ground ball through the left side of the infield that goes to the left fielder, if that left fielder is hesitant Bryce has shown time and time again that he's gonna take two on that. Aggressive on defense, slides and dives."

Currently, the Phillies sit in second place in the NL East, three games behind the Atlanta Braves. They play a four-game series against the Nationals starting Tuesday at 7 p.m., and the Nationals could make up ground swiftly by taking all four of them.