Things have come a long way this season for the Washington Nationals. After the well-documented 19-31 start the team is, somehow, a near-lock to make the MLB postseason according to several simulation websites.

As of this writing, here are the projections according to the top sites:

FanGraphs: 97.8%
FiveThirtyEight: 97%
Baseball-Reference: 97.7%

At any point in the season, those are extremely good odds. With just over a month left in MLB's season and considering where the Nationals came from, that is phenomenal. 

In the month of August, the Nationals are 16-6. They've navigated the absence of Max Scherzer and several other teams making a formidable postseason push. There is no sign of them slowing down - but neither are the division-leading Atlanta Braves - and all signs are looking like they will cruise into October. They are almost fully healthy and playing their best ball of 2019.

Crazy to think the team would ever be at this point, given their start. Although, the Nationals' hopes at winning the division are looking pretty bleak at this point. None of the three projections have the club higher than a 19% chance.

But still, a lot better than when the Nats had 3.4% odds to make the postseason back on May 25.