Rat interrupts Nationals-Mets game in sixth inning

Washington Nationals

It turns out baseball fields aren’t limited to just humans.

Tuesday’s game between the Washington Nationals and New York Mets had a unique spectator running on the field in the top of the sixth inning:

Whether the rat brought some good fortune for the Mets is up for debate, because third baseman Eduardo Escobar scored after catcher James McCann hit a sacrifice fly as soon as the camera panned away from the rat.

This wasn’t the first time a rat had wreaked havoc upon a Mets game either. Back in September 2018, a rat had found itself in the New York dugout:

And just last May, shortstop Francisco Lindor and utility player Jeff McNeil made rounds on social media for debating whether they saw a rat or raccoon in the Mets’ tunnel in a 5-4 home win over the Arizona Diamondbacks. Reporters and fans were skeptical because the two were seen debating something, likely over a baseball play, but the two players stuck to their rat story.


Even though today’s incident happened in Washington, at some point the Mets may want to consider calling an exterminator.