Bryce Harper contract rumors continue to ramp up with the new calendar year.

After an ESPN report of the Phillies and White Sox being willing to offer Harper a 10-year contract, there is another report that the Washington Nationals offered Harper another, more lucrative deal of their own. 

The initial offer Bowden was referring to was the 10-year, $300 million deal with no opt-outs the Nats offered once the season ended. 

Clearly this serves as another reminder that Washington is still in the Harper race. This comes fresh off of the heals of the same ESPN report that detailed the Nats meeting with the former league MVP multiple times throughout this offseason. 

In fact, using the language of Bowden's tweet, it suggests that there have been a series of offers and an ongoing conversation between the two parties. 

Back during the Winter Meeting's Scott Boras, Harper's agent, spoke with NBC Sports Washington to support this report.

“[The Nationals are] a multi-billion dollar franchise. Their attendance has gone up from way back when they started in the early 2010s. The winning has been great. I’m sure they want to get to the higher levels. But for franchises that hope to aspire to where they are, I think it’s all gone positively. It’s been a great working relationship with the Lerner family and the Nationals and Mike Rizzo. For those reasons we just continue to talk and see where we can go.”


And in all likelihood, it will not be the last conversation they have.