At the end of the 2019 Nationals season, whenever that may be, Stephen Strasburg has the option to opt-out of his $175 million contract extension. 

“He negotiated that aspect of the contract into his contract and he has every right to contemplate opting out if he were to incline to do so," Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo said on The Sports Junkies Wednesday.

Rizzo knows that's an option, but feels confident Strasburg will elect to stay a National.

“I think he likes it here and I think he loves his teammates and the atmosphere we have here and I’m confident that he’ll be a National," Rizzo said.

Strasburg has had an outstanding season thus far boasting a 5.3 WAR, second to his 6.5 WAR 2017 season when he was a Cy Young finalist.

A report circulated earlier last week that Strasburg's inclination to opt-out of his contract was becoming more likely, however, NBC Sports Washington's Todd Dybas doesn't think that will happen, and Rizzo is convinced Strasburg has come to love his new home.

“He’s had a terrific season for us, he’s been a great National and we think, and I know, that he is comfortable here, he loves it here in Washington D.C," Rizzo said.

ESPN's Buster Olney joined the Nationals Talk Podcast where he gave two factors to consider: Strasburg's medical history with Tommy John surgery and his known affinity for comfortability.


"I don't know too many players in baseball who are probably more adverse to change than him," Olney said. "I think he likes having things settled. I think that's part of the reason why he basically encouraged Scott to work out a long-term deal with the Nationals when he initially signed that seven years for $175 [million]."

Time will tell what Strasburg decides to do with his four-years and $100 million remaining on his contract with the Nationals.