On what might have been the biggest Zoom call in Nationals history, Sean Doolittle did not disappoint. 

Nationals fans were treated to a live stream of practically every member of the 2019 Nationals reliving Game 7 of the World Series together. Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, Anthony Rendon, Mike Rizzo, Davey Martinez, Ryan Zimmerman, Juan Soto Patrick Corbin, Anibal Sanchez, Trea Turner and Gerardo Parra graced the broadcast on the Nationals' Facebook page in support of Zimmerman's Pros for Heroes Relief Fund

There was no shortage of jokes, beer and stories throughout the three-plus-hours of the call. One of the best moments came from reliever Sean Doolittle, who had plenty to say about the bullpen at Minute Maid Park. 

"It's a really tough bullpen to see the game from," Doolittle said. "The support bars off the bullpen chain-linked fence are perfect eye-level, so if you're standing up, you can't see the game. You have to bend down, so it's just an awkward space."

Doolittle also mentioned how there's a wall with a bunch of marks on the wall that makes it hard to concentrate on the action you can't really see in the first place, but he couldn't keep himself from taking a jab at the Astros' cheating scandal. 



"They got a little hideout on their side," he said. "I know they've got a room with TVs and stuff."

Before Doolittle could finish his thought on the Astros' bullpen, Zimmerman cut him off.

"Careful," Zimmerman said. "The investigation is ongoing."

Major League Baseball's investigation into the Astros' sign-stealing scandal ended with one-year suspensions for manager AJ Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow, who were subsequently fired from their posts. 

Before the 2020 season was suspended, the Astros were all anyone could talk about during Spring Training. An endless list of players teed off on their displeasure with Houston and the lack of punishment handed out to the players, Doolittle included. 

So as we sit at home and wait for baseball to come back, one of the Nats' most popular players gave a taste of normalcy in bashing the Astros. 

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