WASHINGTON - While most of the Nationals' held just champagne bottles and beer cans in their hands late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, Sean Doolittle had something a big more special.

In the middle of the huddle with streams of alcohol flying everywhere, the Nationals' closer stood with a champagne bottle in one hand and a glowing blue lightsaber in the other.

The fact that Doolittle had a lightsaber at the ready is no surprise; this is the same man who had a Star Wars-themed bobblehead promotion made in his likeness. 

The lightsaber has been in his locker all season, Doolittle explained. Occasionally he'll take it out and practice his swing with it, as will some of his teammates. 

"The guys like to play with it," Doolittle said. "They want to practice using the force before the game starts. It's just one of those fun things that helps you through the grind of a long season."

It's the team's acceptance of all kinds of personalities -- including Doolittle's own self-declared dorkiness -- that makes the team special.

"I can be a huge dork," Doolittle said, "and I'm very much accepted for that on this the end of the day we come together and we work really well off each other."