Nationals pitcher Sean Doolittle was the first to use the Nats’ bullpen cart when it debuted last year and has a lot to say about its return this season.

NBC Sports Washington’s Todd Dybas asked Doolittle if he had any involvement with the Nationals’ job posting for a bullpen cart driver.

"I want to be a part of it. If they are going to be driving me and my friends around I would like to maybe at least have some input," Doolittle said.

"When you call for a Lyft or Uber, you at least get a rating. Maybe we can do some test drives," the reliever suggested.

Doolittle advised applicants that "there are some curves, [the drive] it’s not exactly a straight shot… they have to time it up with intro songs, there’s a lot that goes in to it."

Something that could be harder than you think, according to Doolittle: "Stopping, because you’re going to have guys running out to play defense, and you got to watch out for them."

Doolittle automatically disqualified those who "have ever been kicked out of a golf course for driving across the fairway," but said the cart "only goes so fast," so speeding shouldn’t be an issue.