When Max Scherzer is dealing, you don’t even need to look up at the scoreboard to know he has everything working.

The signs are all there: the grunts, the snarls, the pounding of his fist into his glove. Perhaps the biggest tell of them all, however, is his strikeout strut.

After recording a strikeout, Scherzer treats himself to a walk around the mound before re-toeing the rubber. Each time he adds another strikeout to the total, Scherzer’s walk gets longer. He looks like an animal stalking its prey, preparing itself to go in for the kill.

Teammate Sean Doolittle has noticed just how wide Scherzer’s strut can take him from the mound. On the Tipping Pitches podcast, the Nationals closer laid out a challenge for the three-time Cy Young winner.

“The more strikeouts he gets and the more swaggy he’s feeling that day, that walk starts to get bigger and bigger and he almost reaches the infield dirt sometimes when he’s feeling really sexy,” Doolittle said. “So Max, if you’re listening, I want you to circle the mound after a strikeout and go all the way into the outfield. I think that would be hilarious.”


Given that Scherzer owns a share of the MLB record for most strikeouts in a nine-inning game with 20, he may have walked as far as he can go. But it would be quite the sight to see Scherzer walking past the first base bag and into the outfield.


He’s already at the top of the food chain on the pitcher’s mound, why not extend that domain to the outfield?

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