SEE IT: Juan Soto in a Washington Football-inspired uniform


Ever wonder what Juan Soto would look like wearing a baseball uniform inspired by the Washington Football Team's brand and design?

If you have, that is a pretty specific inquiry. Still, today is your lucky day.

The MLB Instagram account decided to have a little fun in honor of an NFL Sunday in Week 12, creating concepts of what some of baseball's brightest stars would look like wearing baseball uniforms that mimicked the designs of the football teams in their city. From Bryce Harper rocking the Eagles to Mookie Betts with the Rams, the creations were innovative.

Among them was Soto, who was matched with the Washington Football Team. Here's what it looked like:


The color scheme is good. The burgundy top with the white pants brings a nice aesthetic. The Washington team name featured across the front works as well. 

The most debatable part of the look is the helmet. Given what the team wears now, it makes sense that the number would be featured on the side with not much else. But when it comes to a batting helmet it looks a little strange. Maybe this look would be better suited with the gold 'W' at the front.

It's a creative idea given we won't see these players in their real baseball uniforms for months. Maybe one day they can actually come to life. Who knows? For now, though, the Curly W works just fine for Soto and the Nationals.