Saturday marked six months since the Nationals’ parade down Constitution Avenue to celebrate the District’s first World Series title since 1924. It was the first opportunity fans had to rejoice with their team after the Nationals beat the Astros in Houston to win Game 7.

So far, it’s also been the only opportunity.

When the coronavirus pandemic forced MLB to suspend spring training and subsequently delay Opening Day, the Nationals were also unable to host their banner-raising ceremony and present their championship rings. It’s an event meant to close the book on the story of the team’s title run, but no fans in seats has put the celebration on hold.

General manager Mike Rizzo told MLB Network Radio that the team won’t raise its banner or hand out rings until fans are allowed to be there for the ceremony.

“I think as far as raising the banner and the distribution of rings, we’re going to wait for our fanbase to be involved to do those types of things,” Rizzo said. “Those are once-in-a-lifetime things to do and our fanbase is such a big factor in helping us win that thing. They earned it, they deserve to be involved in it and we’re going to wait for them to do it.”


With scenarios that include games being played without fans reportedly on the table, the Nationals may have to start their new season without finishing celebrating their previous one.


So until that happens, fans only have the championship parade to look back on. That’s not to slight the celebrations that ensued the night Washington won Game 7 itself, but the team was halfway across the country. For now, the only chance fans have had to celebrate with the players and coaches has been the parade.

Why not look back on some of the best moments?

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