SNY commentator mistakes Cinnamon Toast Crunch costume for SpongeBob


With those bubbly eyes and square physique, it wasn't the worst guess in the world. 

With the Nationals' NL East foes down in Miami for the first of a three-game series on Tuesday night, the SNY commentary team had some initial trouble identifying what costume was clearly caught on the broadcast behind home plate. 

After a second look, it's clear that Cinnamon Toast Crunch looks nothing like the yellow fellow from Bikini Bottom. It's important to note SpongeBob also has white gloves and a cheerful smile but, it was a hilarious moment regardless. 

Although the Marlins were at their ballpark in LoanDepot, it's hard to understand why their home fans would want to distract starting pitcher Edward Cabrera. (He lasted just over two innings and gave up four runs.)

Then again, it's summertime in Miami.