Baseball is finally back! For our new feature, Fresh Takes, Travis Thomas explains why this is such a beautiful week for sports fans.

MLB Opening Day is always a rite of passage for us sports fans.

It’s the one day where even the most purist of seam heads understand that analytics and sabermetrics don’t matter. Opening Day crowds always represent the mixing bowl of the casual fans, the FOMO event seekers and the baseball diehards.

In my humble opinion there is no place on Baseball planet earth that better represents that than Washington DC. I walked around the concourse at Nats Park, I sat with you the fan, I shook hands and kissed babies all under the umbrella of love for the Nationals.

Some asked me what I thought of Bryce leaving? Most wanted to know if I thought this was “the year”? The weather was amazing, and although the beers were following, the chill vibe of the atmosphere within the stadium kept it from becoming a sloppy drunk fest.

Opening Day not only represents new hope for the local baseball team, but it embodies what makes the District so unique and a great sports town overall.

Now let’s win the World Series and get yet another Championship Parade in this city like we deserve!