On the same day that the Washington Nationals hosted their first World Series championship parade, there were also several contract decisions made for the future of the club. 

The biggest news is Stephen Strasburg declining his player-option for the final four years, $100 million of his deal. This was Strasburg's only opt-out for the remainder of the contract and a chance for him to maximize his value while 31 years old. There was only a narrow 72-hour window for the Nats pitcher to make his decision he was named World Series MVP. 

However, there are several other situations where the Nationals had the power to either retain players on their current deals or decline options. On every decline, there is always the chance that the Nats could re-sign them in free agency for a smaller amount.

Here are the latest reports:

-Nationals pick up the option on setup man/ closer Sean Doolittle ($6.5 million)

-Adam Eaton will remain with the club and earn $9.5 million in right field. 

-Ryan Zimmerman's team option for $18 million was declined.

-Yan Gomes ($9 million) had his option declined as one of the two catchers for the club.