TNT learned a valuable lesson on Monday night. If you're going to promise a Star Wars marathon and then broadcast baseball instead, there will be a price to play.

As the MLB Postseason featured a busy day of four games, there was a chance for some overlap. That's exactly what happened when the Braves and Cardinals, which was airing on TBS, went to extra innings while the Nationals and Dodgers started up. With Game 4 between Los Angeles and Washington poised to also air on TBS, TNT began showing that game until the other concluded.

That seems reasonable. But, with Star Wars listed on the guide, some Sci-Fi fans were not happy with what appeared on the channel.

A battle between baseball and Star Wars isn't what many probably expected to break out on Monday, but that's the internet for you.  The biggest question here is how torn would Nationals reliever Sean Doolittle be? A noted Star Wars superfan, he most likely feels the sympathy of both sides.

In the end, the Cardinals ended up taking care of the Braves in the 10th inning. So, it could have been worse Star Wars lovers.