Likely 2020 NL Cy Young winner Trevor Bauer is currently a free agent. He's expected to be one of the most sought out players on the market this winter, and the Washington Nationals could perhaps make a run for the ace.

While Bauer waits to find the right team, the right-hander inked a different type of deal on Tuesday. Bauer was announced as Lids' -- yes, the hat store -- first MLB Brand Ambassador.

In the announcement, Bauer was holding nine different hats, three on each arm with another trio of caps on top of his head. Each hat represented a different ballclub, including the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Mets and his last club, the Reds.

However, Nationals fans can't help but notice the absence of their team's red cap, as no curly W was present either on Bauer or on the rack of hats in the backdrop.

It's worth wondering if Bauer -- who's one of the most outspoken players in Major League Baseball and never shy to share his opinion -- strategically chose which hats to wear in the announcement.

For instance, in one of the photos, Bauer has a Mets cap directly on his head, a team that is expected to be vying for his services. The other photos had him wearing a Reds hat, whom he's said multiple times he'd love to play for again.

Almost every other hat Bauer had was a team that could potentially make a run after the All-Star this winter, too.


For Nationals fans hoping to sign Bauer, don't read too much into this. After all, it could be the ace just trying to stir the pot a little more as he hits free agency for the first time.

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