Twins' Josh Donaldson ejected after hitting home run


Remember when the Washington Nationals were rumored to have been in the running for Josh Donaldson's offensive services this past offseason? 

Well, now the Minnesota Twins third baseman is in the news for the wrong reasons. After homering against the Chicago White Sox on Thursday afternoon, Donaldson got himself ejected over a feud with the umpire at home plate. 

First, he kicks dirt over the plate, points directly at the ump, has a few (probably mean) words, then goes back to ensure he gets in trouble by kicking even more dirt spread out over the base.

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What a scene. 

Usually, these sluggers get into confrontations with umpires after they strikeout and complain that the pitch was a strike. Whatever unfolded before Donaldson gave the Twins a one-run lead must've really ticked him off. 

Minnesota could've used Donaldson's services for the rest of the game as it turned out, as the Twins ended up losing 4-3 to the White Sox.