A Twix from Kris Bryant helped Kyle Schwarber homer vs. Cubs


As Nationals left fielder Kyle Schwarber trotted out to his spot at Wrigley Field on Monday night, he noticed something peculiar waiting for him in the grass.

Some candy, left there by none other than Kris Bryant.

Schwarber noted postgame that Bryant, who was his teammate from 2015-20 with the Cubs and also played left field on Monday, dropped some Twix out there as a welcome back gift. The matchup marked Schwarber's first game at Wrigley in which he was not a member of the home team.

After giving a look to the Cubs dugout wondering what was going on, Schwarber did what any reasonable person would do: He ate some Twix.

"I definitely ate a Twix out there on the field," Schwarber said. 

Not only was it a funny moment between former teammates, but Schwarber explained how the gesture helped him reset during the game.

Filled with many emotions as he re-entered the ballpark where he spent his first six seasons of Major League Baseball while going against the team that drafted him and he won a World Series with, treating it as just another game could have been a challenge.

The Twix helped him relax, leading to him blasting a two-run homer in the fourth inning. 

Going forward, maybe the Nats should consider leaving a Twix or two waiting for him in left field in outfields across the country. The production at the plate could be worth it. 


Schwarber is even considering adding the candy to his Tuesday meal prep.

"I might have to eat a Twix [Tuesday]," Schwarber said.