Throughout his professional career as a journalist, Craig Melvin has covered elections, major trials, and host shows watched by millions. But for the NBC News reporter, one moment involving the Washington Nationals tops all of that.

Melvin recently narrated the Nationals World Series documentary, something that is right up there with the biggest events to happen in his life.

"This is right after the birth of my children and my marriage," Melvin said on the red carpet at the premiere of the documentary. "It's top, top 5."

The opportunity wasn't something Melvin had planned on. As he explained, the call from Major League Baseball caught him off guard as he was confused as to what it could even be about. But once the situation was explained, Melvin quickly became excited. Though busy, he made sure to clear some time for the exciting project.

A few days later, he was the voice describing the Nationals' journey to baseball immortality.

"It all kind of came together in four days, and nothing in our business comes together in four days," Melvin said.

As for his favorite part of the documentary, Melvin enjoyed how the script set up the beginning and end of what was a wild season for the Nationals. No spoilers, of course.

"The end, and the beginning," Melvin said. "The writing. It's funny because we know how it ends, but there's still an element of surprise."