Thursday marked the moment Nationals players started to receive their World Series rings, something many have been waiting for since the final out in Houston back in October of 2019.

Adam Eaton was one of the players to share a video of his unboxing of the ring. An exciting moment to watch, there was something else caught on camera that looked very interesting: a new-looking Nationals jersey.

Though the top has the same traditional elements Washington's jersey has featured in recent years, a closer look will show that there is gold featured in the name, number and logo.

Eaton's video also shows off a Nationals cap that features the World Series trophy logo on it. Erick Fedde also added a crystal clear video of what the uniform looks like.

What could be the meaning behind these uniforms? While it has not been confirmed yet, it appears that Washington may be following a trend that has become the standard for defending World Series champions.


In recent years, the team that just won the World Series will celebrate the home opener with a ring ceremony on the field. In addition, teams have begun wearing jerseys that featured gold elements throughout as a tribute to the Commissioner's Trophy. 

The trend actually began back in 2005 when the Red Sox celebrated their 2004 championship with special jerseys during the ceremony. But, they weren't worn during the actual game. That custom began in 2007 when the St. Louis Cardinals did it, and the Phillies did the same in 2009. Then in 2011 after the San Francisco Giants followed suit, it became something that every team has done since.



The Kansas City Royals, Chicago Cubs and every other champion of the most recent decade has added some gold into their home design. Though nothing is confirmed just yet, it wouldn't be a surprise to see the Nationals do the same.

If the jersey in Eaton's video is in fact what the Nationals will sport during the home opener, it will only make Opening Day against the Yankees that much more exciting.

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