Halloween is a spooky time of year and apparently some people were just a little too freaked out this year in the college football world. Florida State, for example, totally panicked and fired its head coach after less than two seasons into his tenure. There was also a dinosaur at a press conference, a clap-off and so much more.

Here are the six craziest things that happened in Week 10 of the college football season.

North Texas quarterback does postgame press conference in T-Rex costume

Quarterback Mason Fine had an amazing game on Saturday, throwing for 332 yards and seven touchdowns in a 52-26 blowout of UTEP. Perhaps because he was pumped about his big game or perhaps to celebrate Halloween, he decided to go to his postgame press conference in costume.

See if you can guess which one he is.

The best part about this was that everyone seemed to play it straight. His teammates barely reacted, he took serious questions and he gave serious answers....he just did it in a dinosaur costume.

Illinois and Rutgers had a clap-off

This is either good sportsmanship taken to an extreme or the opening scene of a West Side Story sequel.

Darrion Daniels gets his Heisman moment

The 325-pound defensive lineman for Nebraska pulled off maybe the play of the year on Saturday.

And no, I didn’t say Piesman, I said Heisman.


The competition is over. Give him the Heisman now.

Dartmouth wins on a last-play Hail Mary

I don’t normally include FCS craziness in this column because saying “here’s what happened in the Ivy League” is not exactly how you increase web traffic. In this case, I’ll make an exception because last-second Hail Marys are always awesome.

In case you don’t know, these plays are generally easy to defend. Everyone on defense is taught to simply bat the ball down. Catching an interception, allowing a short pass, staying with your receiver, none of that matters in a last-second Hail Mary situation. All the team can do is heave the ball into the end zone and all a defensive back needs to do is get under the ball, jump up and bat it down. That way, no one can catch it and you’re not going to get called for pass interference.

That’s how you’re supposed to defend it. Here’s what Harvard did:

Again, you are supposed to bat the ball down. Tipping it into the air is quite literally the opposite of what you’re supposed to do.

SMU pulls off a reverse flea-flicker

SMU suffered its first loss of the season Saturday as they fell to Memphis. While they may not have won the game, they did get plenty of style points for pulling off one of the best plays of the college football season.

When you’re down by 16 in the fourth quarter, you have to get creative and SMU did just that with a reverse flea-flicker that resulted in a 30-yard touchdown.

It may have been the best play of the game, but it wasn’t enough as SMU lost 54-48.

Florida State fires Willie Taggart after less than two seasons

It is rare to see a big-time college program move on from a coach after fewer than two seasons, but Florida State did just that on Sunday with the firing of Willie Taggart. The Seminoles lost to rivals Miami on Saturday, which dropped their record to 4-5 on the season and 9-12 overall under Taggart.

A college coach needs about four years to implement their system and culture. By that point, the team is primarily made up of the new coach’s recruits and you can get a clear picture of the direction the program is going.

Taggart did not get that much time and will now get paid somewhere in the range of $17.7 million to not coach the Seminoles anymore.


It may have been fast, but is it really a surprise? Taggart looked completely in over his head from Game 1 in Tallahassee when the Seminoles got their doors blown off by Virginia Tech, 24-3. A narrow win over FCS Samford followed by a blowout loss to Syracuse really got the start of Taggart’s tenure off on the wrong foot and he has been trying to dig himself out of that hole ever since.

Taggart also did himself no favors after tough losses. Against Virginia Tech last season, he complained about the Hokies faking injuries. This year after collapsing against Boise State, he talked about how the team needed to stay hydrated. When he realized that maybe this was not the kind of thing people wanted to hear after blowing a lead at home to the Broncos, he tried to clarify that his comments were talking about the upcoming game instead and not a comment on the loss to Boise State.

You can’t argue Taggart got enough time at Florida State to build his program, but there were enough red flags that you can understand why the school decided to pull the trigger so soon.

Hopefully, this move does not mean the end of Florida State sad fan memes though.