One of the biggest discussed pieces of legislation in the NCAA is the proposal of a one-time transfer waiver for football, baseball and men's and women's basketball.

On Wednesday the NCAA announced that it will not consider the rule change for the upcoming year but rather table the discussion until January.

For Maryland's men's basketball team, the decision is less than ideal. Granting non-grad transfers immediate eligibility for their first change of schools would greatly help next year's roster. 

With the waiver, Boston College transfer Jarius Hamilton would have been able to play in 2020-21 for the Terps. Needing every ounce of sustainable offense as possible, he would have presented an additional scoring option at the wing. It's a position that the team is more than set with, but could serve a dual purpose as a wing scorer and defensive depth in the post. 

But more importantly, this limits Maryland's potential gains in the transfer portal for the upcoming season. Most of the big names have already committed to new schools, but there are still players available and looking for a home.

The team targeted experienced point guards earlier in the offseason to go with their incoming freshman. They could also use another big-man to provide relief. Both needs are big reasons they were super aggressive for graduate transfers.

Maryland's only grad addition was Alabama's Galin Smith who does not have experience as a regular starter. 


Of course, head coach Mark Turgeon and his staff could not operate their offseason plan assuming the one-time waiver was going to be approved. There were too many moving parts to put all their eggs in one basket. It does limit, though, the options for Maryland to find significant help to immediately improve their outlook for next year.

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