Watch: George Washington misses game-tying dunk in upset loss


No school ever wants to lose. They also never want to lose on their home court, and they definitely don't want to lose a buy game as a heavy favorite.

Perhaps most of all, no school wants to lose in heartbreaking fashion when they had a chance to tie it up late. But all that is exactly what happened to George Washington on Tuesday night.

The Colonials trailed Hampton by two points with under 40 seconds to go in the game when they managed to steal the ball after the inbounds pass. As a result, they had a chance at a game-tying dunk, but it didn't go exactly as planned.

Seconds later, Hampton made a layup of their own to pull ahead by four, eventually winning 82-78.

In more ways than one, this was a fitting game for national college basketball insider Jon Rothstein to call the epitome of brutality.