Most college coaches not in compliance with COVID-19 protocols


Fans across all college sports have been hopeful that schools would be able to manage the coronavirus pandemic to the point that athletics can safely return. But if athletic trainers are to be believed, schools may be further off than hoped.

According to a survey conducted by the National Athletic Trainer's Association, less than half of college coaches are in full compliance with COVID-19 protocols. Over 1,200 trainers were surveyed, and roughly 59% claimed that athletes were "somewhat" following protocols, while 46% claimed coaches were "somewhat" following them.

As ESPN mentions, in most states athletic trainers are required to be licensed medical providers, and therefore are typically tasked with enacting safety measures throughout the program.

While most trainers felt the protocols are not being fully followed, the majority did feel they were at least "somewhat safe" and ready to return to playing games. 87% of Division I schools who responded felt they were ready to return to sport, the same number that felt they had adequate materials for sanitation.