'Most' of defending champion LSU has had COVID-19, coach says


LSU football is coming off a charmed season, one in which they rode eventual No. 1 NFL pick Joe Burrow to an undefeated, championship year.

2020 is starting off slightly less lucky for the defending champs, as head coach Ed Orgeron announced Tuesday that he thinks "most" of the team's roster has already contracted COVID-19.

Orgeron goes on to say he hopes that this means his players will be unable to catch the novel coronavirus a second time, and that they won't have to miss any games. But, as of now, it remains unclear just how much immunity those who have already experienced the disease have.

LSU is currently scheduled to open their season on Sept. 26. It's not clear exactly how many players on the roster have had COVID-19, as most SEC schools have avoided reporting those numbers publicly.

Whatever the number is, it can't be too comforting to hear that any team has seen such a wide spread of the virus, as it's likely LSU isn't the only school with more cases than publicly reported.