Most memorable buzzer-beaters in NCAA Tournament history


Most memorable buzzer-beaters in NCAA Tournament history

On top of upsets, the Final Four, and Cinderella stories, there is one thing that March Madness is known for:


Nearly every NCAA Tournament we are treated to another marvel that is a mix of athleticism and a little bit of luck.

Whether they are a No. 15 seed overtaking a No. 2, or a simple No. 8/ No. 9 matchup, there is nothing that beats the enjoyment of a ball going through the net at the last possible second. There is a reason why they call it March Madness.


Already we have our first buzzer-beater of the 2018 NCAA Tournament with Donte Ingram making a straightaway three-pointer to give us the first upset of big dance. Loyola's first win en route to making the Final Four.

Although it was not technically a buzzer-beater (0.3 seconds were added on to the clock), it makes the list. 

And here we have another Final Four team with Michigan's Jordan Poole in the Second Round:

As of today here are the ten most memorable buzzer-beaters in NCAA Tournament history.

Most-Memorable Buzzer-Beaters in NCAA Tournament history

No. 10 Georgetown vs. Weber State, 1995 Second Round

Don Reid gets us started with a lay-in off the airball to end a magical run for Weber State.

No. 9 Texas vs. West Virginia, 2006 Sweet 16

The composure of Texas and Kenton Paulino to prevent Kevin Pittsnogle from going down in NCAA history.

No. 8 UCLA vs. Missouri, 1995 Second Round

No one could stop Tyus Edney as he just took the ball down the court for UCLA.

No. 7 Northern Iowa vs. Texas, 2016 First Round

It goes down a couple of pegs because if he didn’t hit it the game was going to overtime. But we all know Paul Jesperson’s name because of this.

No. 6 Connecticut vs. Clemson, 1990 Sweet 16

Sometimes you do everything right defensively and luck prevails.

No. 5  Arkansas vs. Louisville, 1981 Second Round

After the Louisville Cardinals hit the go-ahead basket with five seconds to go, U.S. Reed from Arkansas took the ball up to half-court and threw up a heave that would upset the defending National Champions.

No. 4 Valparaiso vs. Ole Miss, 1998 First Round

There are so many things to love on this play. Beautiful basketball for Valparaiso

No. 3 Duke vs. Kentucky, 1992 Elite Eight

Labeled as ‘The Shot’ and one of the most iconic videos in sports history. Christian Laettner gave us another reason to hate him.

No. 2 NC State vs. Houston, 1983 National Championship Game

How do you give up ‘The Dunk’ on the final play of the National Championship Game? I don’t know but it further cemented Jim Valvano and Lorenzo Charles legacy in college basketball. A buzzer-beater for the national championship is every sports fan dream.  It will not ever be beat….

No. 1 Villanova vs. North Carolina, 2016 National Championship Game

Kris Jenkins lived that dream as well.

Honorable Mentions:

Georgia Tech vs. Oklahoma State, 2004 Final Four

Maryland vs. UNC-Wilmington, 2003 First Round

Northwestern vs. Iowa, 2006 First Round

Georgia Tech vs. USC, 1992 Second Round

Wisconsin vs. Xavier, 2016 Second Round

Connecticut vs. Washington, 1998 Sweet 16

Duke vs. Connecticut, 1990 Elite Eight

Western Kentucky vs. Drake, 2008 First Round

Florida vs. Wisconsin, 2017 Sweet 16


Aaron Wiggins and Darryl Morsell debate Jalen Smith's top moment at Maryland on Instagram

Aaron Wiggins and Darryl Morsell debate Jalen Smith's top moment at Maryland on Instagram

With Jalen Smith declaring for the NBA Draft, his short, but highlight-packed two-year career at the University of Maryland has come to an end.

The departure was expected, and now Maryland fans are left with memories of some magical moments that "Stix" was a part of. On Thursday, the Maryland Basketball Instagram account posted a few photos of Smith during his Terps career, asking followers to comment on what their favorite moment was.

Plenty left answers, but one debate between two users stood out. Aaron Wiggins and Darryl Morsell, teammates with Smith at Maryland, weighed in with what they believed was the best highlight from the All-American.

Wiggins led off suggesting it was Smith's huge double-double in a road win over Northwestern this past season. 

"Northwestern game. He changed the game and our season! 25 and," he wrote.

A perfectly valid answer, Morsell did not agree. The guard felt it was Smith's rim-rocking dunk against Belmont in the Terps NCAA Tournament win over Belmont during the 2018-19 season.

Wiggins came back with the point that Smith's Northwestern game not only included a crazy stat line but featured the big man silencing the crowd and helping Maryland complete a 14-point comeback. 

Persuasive, Morsell wasn't ready to give in, stating that the dunk came in Smith's first-ever NCAA Tournament game and the poster was on a senior. 

The two continued back-and-forth, reminiscing on the two special moments.

In the end, that's exactly what they were. Two special moments that show the strength of Smith's career as a Terp. A double-double in a win that changed the course of the season, and a dunk that earned Smith a spot in "One Shining Moment."

When it comes to the best moment for "Stix" in a Maryland uniform, there is more than one right answer.


Maryland misses out on impact transfer as PG Bryce Aiken picks Seton Hall

Maryland misses out on impact transfer as PG Bryce Aiken picks Seton Hall

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

For the second time this transfer cycle, Maryland found themselves near the top of the list of finalists for an elite, instant-impact transfer point guard to replace the graduating Anthony Cowan Jr. in the Terps backcourt. For the second time this transfer cycle, they fell just short.

Bryce Aiken, the dynamic point guard from Harvard who scored 33 points against Maryland in November, announced Thursday afternoon that he would be staying local to play for his hometown Seton Hall Pirates.

Maryland was in Aiken's final four schools and could have really used his added scoring punch, but ultimately he was swayed by the idea of staying home. According to basketball writer Adam Zagoria, Aiken was torn between Maryland and Seton Hall right up until the very end, but decided to go elsewhere.

The Terps are set to return a strong core of veteran wing players in Eric Ayala, Aaron Wiggins, Darryl Morsell and Donta Scott, but they are still looking to replace Jalen Smith in the frontcourt and Cowan in the backcourt. They are currently involved with Yale graduate transfer Jordan Bruner, who named the Terps in his final three schools and would fill Smith's spot as the top big man on the market. He is expected to announce his decision soon.

Head coach Mark Turgeon is also pursuing Michigan transfer David DeJulius, who has a connection to the Terps in his former assistant coach and current Maryland assistant DeAndre Haynes. It's unclear if DeJulius will receive immediate eligibility, potentially still leaving the Terps without an obvious replacement at guard beyond Ayala and incoming freshmen Marcus Dockery and Aquan Smart.