NCAA Tournament 2017: Virginia emerges as the only DMV school with odds to win it all


BY TYLER BYRUM, @theTylerByrum

Earlier this week, FiveThirtyEight released their probabilities and simulations at who was going to win the 2017 Men's D1 NCAA Tournament and it was not too kind to D.C., Maryland, and Virginia schools in the big dance.

Only the Virginia Cavaliers have above a one percent chance to bring home the national title, and allbeit was only two percent. 

Favorites to win it all were no surprise the No. 1 seeds; Villanova (15 percent), Gonzaga (14 percent), Kansas (10 percent), and North Carolina (seven percent). Kentucky is the highest seed to win it all at eight percent with Duke right behind at seven percent, both teams are No. 2 seeds. 

Both Virginia (72 percent) and Maryland (51 percent) are favorites to win their first round games against North Carolina-Wilmington and Xavier respectivelly.  VCU (26 percent), Virginia Tech (21 percent) Mount St. Mary's (1 percent) are all predicted to lose in their first game. Only Virginia has greater than one percent chance to make the Final Four as well (eight percent).

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Odds to win the NCAA Tournament:

Virginia: 2 percent 

Virginia Tech: <1 percent

VCU: <1 percent

Maryland: <1 percent

Mount St. Mary's: <1 percent

Odds will be updated live as the action moves on throughout the rest of the NCAA Tournament. Follow along at FiveThirtyEight's website