The NCAA is just one of many organizations scrambling to put a finger on when their events can return, due to the unpredictability of the coronavirus.

And while some believe that there is plenty of time for it to settle out before fall sports ramp up in August, the deadline isn't likely in the late summer.

Notre Dame's Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick would like his athletes to have six to eight weeks of preparation before playing, he told NBC's Mike Tirico on Wednesday's Lunch Talk Live.

"We're all optimistic that we'll be back together on campus in the fall but until that decision is made it's hard for us to plan anything back from it," Swarbrick said.

'We probably need at least six, and I think most of us would prefer seven or eight weeks, with our fall sports student-athletes, to adequately prepare them."

That would require student-athletes returning to campus in late June and early July.

Preparedness is something all major sports leagues have struggled with in regard to resuming or starting competition, citing health risks as the number one concern. In the NBA multiple team executives and medical personnel have presented the idea of a 25-day program for players to go through before play resumes, league sources told ESPN's Brian Windhorst


Swarbrick also addressed the proposed ideas of playing games in empty stadiums.

"That just doesn't seem compatible to me," Swarbrick said. "Beyond the fact that I think college football needs the marching band, cheerleaders and the fans, which are essential to the experience, we have to be consistent in our approach." 

"I'm not sure how you say we're okay with students engaging on the field but not fans in the stands."

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