Irish beat Clemson, promptly forget about pandemic: The 5 craziest moments of Week 10

Notre Dame
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Notre Dame defeated No. 1 Clemson in overtime, the Pac-12 returned and Beamerball is not back for Virginia Tech. Here are the five craziest moments from Week 10 of the college football season.

Pac-12 after breakfast

Pac-12 football returned on Saturday and so did Pac-12 after dark...except in this case after dark meant in the morning. Thet first game of the Pac-12 season was between Arizona State at USC at noon ET so 9 am local time.

Despite the early kickoff, the game turned out to be a great one as USC erased a 27-14 deficit with less than two minutes remaining to win.

Plus, it had one of those great, weird moments that remind us why we love the Pac-12.

Virginia Tech ices themselves

Virginia Tech was already having a bad day with the game against Liberthy tied late at 28. This is a team the Hokies should have been able to beat, but hey, that's college football. Then, however, Virginia Tech completely bungled the end of the game giving up an epic loss that will scar the fanbase and the team for years to come.

With eight seconds remaining in regulation, Liberty elected to attempt a 59-yard field goal on 4th and 6. The kick was blocked, Virginia Tech recovered and returned it for the game-winning touchdown that had Hokies fans everywhere screaming "BEAMER BALL!"

Except the play didn't count. The play didn't count because a timeout had been called. The timeout was called by Virginia Tech.

A 59-yard field would be difficult for an NFL kicker. In college with a kicker whose career long was 42 yards, this is a pretty desperate play. There is no reason to call a timeout on this play. REPEAT: THERE IS NO REASON TO CALL A TIMEOUT ON THIS PLAY.


Head coach Justin Fuente said he wasn't trying to ice the kicker -- which would have been dumb because, again, it was a 59-yard kick --  but because he wanted to make sure he had the right field goal block personnel on the field...for a field goal that the team literally blocked.

Virginia Tech followed this mistake up with another. Seeing the kick get blocked, Liberty decided to run a play on 4th down instead of trying the kick again. For some reason, the Hokies played deep coverage despite there being eight seconds left in a tie game with the other team in field goal range. Liberty took the free yards with an easy pass and catch for eight-yard gain before going out of bounds, setting up a 51-yard field goal which, of course, Liberty hit to win the game.

Most Hokies fans won't want to, but if you dare you can read more about the game here.

An embarrassing day for the state of Michigan

Michigna fell 38-21 loss to Indiana while Michigan State got taken to the woodshed by Iowa 49-7.

There is good news though, because Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh said after the game that, "Personal feeling is we're close to doing it."

That's exactly the kind of thing Michigan fans want to hear because moral victories count too...if there is such a thing as moral victories for one of the most prestigious programs in the country after a 17-point conference loss.

The flag of Mississippi

Mississippi State had a big hand in changing the state flag of Mississippi so it was very fitting to see the Bulldogs carry the new state flag onto the field on Saturday after it was officially adopted on Nov. 3.

No. 1 Clemson falls in overtime, Notre Dame forgets there's a pandemic

The Clemson/Notre Dame game was incredible. The Irish held a 23-13 lead at halftime, Clemson stormed back to take a 33-27 lead and Notre Dame tied it to force overtime before finally defeating the Tigers in double OT.

Yes, Clemson fans will be quick to remind you that quarterback Trevor Lawrence was out which is true, but all week very few analysts gave the Irish much of a chance saying quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei was the next star for Clemson and they still were more talented than the Irish even without Lawrence. You have to give credit to Notre Dame for getting the win when the opportunity was handed to them. Chances are, these two teams may have to play again in the conference championship in which case Lawrence will be able to prove this loss was a fluke.

But what happened after the game may end up having a greater impact on the season.


I like rushing the field. It is a great tradition in college football and is something that people get too worked up about. Having said that, maybe it's not the best idea to do it when we are in the middle of a pandemic.

What could go wrong?