Penn State throws in the towel: 9 craziest moments of Week 11


Penn State is playing like the season is over, Army's trick play blows up in spectacular fashion and Florida State caught the most insane interception of the season. Here are all the craziest moments from Week 11 of the college football season.

Indiana head coach's son carted off the field

Among all the great plays and games on Saturday, there was one really tough moment. Indiana linebacker Thomas Allen suffered a series leg injury in the team's game against Michigan State. There to comfort him as he was being taken off the field was Allen's father and the head coach of Indiana, Tom Allen.

After this, Tom had to go back to the sideline and continue coaching which cannot have been easy.

USC-Arizona combine for four lead changes in the 4th quarter

USC has been largely unimpressive during Clay Helton's tenure as head coach, but they may be turning things around this season. The Trojans improved to 2-0 after another impressive comeback win. Last week it was against Arizona State, this week it came against Arizona.

USC and Arizona entered the fourth quarter tied at 20. The quarter saw four lead changes with each team taking the lead twice until the Trojans finally came out on top.

The Wildcats scored a touchdown with 1:35 remaining in the game to go up 30-27, but USC responded with a 75-yard drive in just 1:10 to retake the lead with just 25 seconds on the clock.

Army's trick play fails in spectacular fashion

If you are going to try a trick play, you better know what you're doing. Down big against Tulane, Army tried to dig into their bag of tricks on a kickoff return. It didn't work.


Tyrell Robinson took the ball on the kickoff then tried to throw it across the field for a lateral. The only problem was that he threw it right into the arms of Tulane's Jactavian Toles who took it in for the touchdown.

Yeah, that's not how they drew it up.

You can read more on the play here.

Throw in the towel, Penn State is done

Penn State came into the season hoping to make the playoff. Now they are an incredible 0-4 and clearly have thrown in the towel.

There was a point in last week's loss to Maryland where it became clear the Nittany Lions had just conceded the game. They stopped playing and the score reflected that. You had to wonder if that would carry over to this week and it sure did in a 30-23 loss to Nebraska.

Penn State is not as bad as 0-4. They are a team that wanted to make the playoff and their first two games essentially eliminated them from contention. Now the players have lost motivation as they wonder what is left to play for. Their season is over, they know it and they are playing like it.

UNC scores 35 unanswered in huge comeback win

Perhaps no team in the country has been as fun to watch this year as North Carolina. Each Tar Heel game has been crazy and Saturday was no exception.

Down 45-24 to Wake Forest in the third quarter, North Carolina would score the next 35 points to take the lead. Quarterback Sam Howell was the story throwing for 550 yards and six touchdowns plus taking the ball himself into the end zone for seven total touchdowns on the day.

The most insane interception of the season

It doesn't matter that Florida State lost, they deserved to win just because of this play.

Wisconsin head coach tapes mask to his face

When your team has missed the last two games because of a coronavirus outbreak,you need to take every precaution. Wisconsin head coach Paul Chryst certainly did as he taped his mask to his face for his team's game against Michigan.

You can read more here.

Lane Kiffin flips clipboard in the air, runs down sideline on long touchdown

To say Lane Kiffin was pumped as Elijah Moore hauled in a 91-yard touchdown pass would be an understatement. Before quarterback Matt Corral even let go of the pass, Kiffin knew the play would be a touchdown and he raised his hands in celebration. Once Moore caught the pass and streaked down the field, Kiffin then threw his clipboard in the air and began sprinting down the sideline.

You can read more about the celebration here.

This punt

On the very first drive of the game between Washington and Oregon State, the Huskies set up to punt the ball on the Oregon State 40. The snap, however, was high leaving punter Race Porter scrambling after the ball as it bounced down the field.

But wait, it got worse. 

Porter managed to get his hands on the ball and tried a desperation kick, but the punt was blocked.


And it still got worse from there.

The blocked punt was picked up by Oregon State's Jaydon Grant who took it 11 yards for the Oregon State touchdown.

Eleven yards. Remember, Washington was punting from Oregon State 40.