PhoenSTIX Suns change Twitter name after drafting Jalen Smith


When five-star big man recruit Jalen Smith arrived at Maryland, his high school nickname of "Stix" came with him. Both his Maryland teammates and head coach Mark Turgeon referred to Smith almost exclusively by his nickname, and now, it appears his new team will as well.

This is, admittedly, a pretty perfect pun opportunity from the Suns. Smith's nickname fits perfectly for the only NBA team to play in a city ending in the same letter.

Of course, the nickname is less fitting now. When Smith came to Maryland, he really was thin enough to earn the nickname. Two years of development and 30 pounds of muscle later, he looks a bit more imposing on the court.

But that won't stop the Suns from having fun while celebrating adding a terrific young player to their roster. And Maryland themselves had the same idea, even earlier than the Suns.

Whatever they end up calling him in Phoenix PhoenSTIX, the Suns are excited to bring Smith to their organization, and Terps fans are just as thrilled to see their homegrown star ready to make an impact on the league.