Should Reynolds have been among the Heisman finalists?


Should Reynolds have been among the Heisman finalists?

On Saturday as Derrick Henry, Christian McCaffrey and Deshaun Watson were on hand for the Heisman Trophy presentation on Saturday, one player was noticeably absent: Keenan Reynolds.

The Navy quarterback put together a stellar senior season to go with his remarkable collegiate career, but did not get an invite to New York much to the chagrin of the Navy faithful. With his two rushing touchdowns on Saturday against Army, Reynolds became the all-time Division-I leader in rushing touchdowns. He also set a school record for career touchdowns and owns the record for the most touchdowns scored in the Army-Navy series.

In the long illustrious history of both programs, that's an impressive feat.

The Heisman, however, is not a career award and his records are not enough to reserve a seat in New York.

In the final Heisman voting results, Reynolds finished fifth with 20 first-place votes and 180 points. To compare, the Heisman winner Henry had 378 first place votes and 1,832 points. Were the two really that far apart?

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Let's compare Reynolds stats to that of the other finalists. In addition to Henry, McCaffrey and Watson, we'll also throw Baker Mayfield in there since he finished fourth in the Heisman race in front of Reynolds.

  • RB Derrick Henry: 1,986 rushing yards, 5.86 yards per carry, 10 receptions, 97 receiving yards, 23 total touchdowns, 2,083 all-purpose yards
  • RB Christian McCaffrey: 1,847 rushing yards, 5.79 yards per carry, 41 receptions, 540 receiving yards, 13 total touchdowns, 3,496 all-purpose yards
  • QB Deshaun Watson: 69.5 completion percentage, 3,512 passing yards, 30 touchdown passes, 11 interceptions, 887 rushing yards, 5.44 yards per carry, 11 rushing touchdowns
  • QB Baker Mayfield: 68.6 completion percentage, 3,389 passing yards, 35 touchdown passes, 5 interceptions, 420 rushing yards, 3.21 yards per carry, 7 rushing touchdowns
  • QB Keenan Reynolds: 53.1 completion percentage, 1,077 passing yards, 7 touchdown passes, 1 interception, 1,229 rushing yards, 5.10 yards per carry, 21 rushing touchdowns

Reynolds had 28 total touchdowns, fewer than Watson and Mayfield. He is an affective runner, but Henry, McCaffrey and even Watson have proven to be just as effective (in terms of yards per carry).

It's hard to compare Reynolds with the other candidates because of the system he plays in. As an option quarterback, he doesn't pass as much as the other quarterbacks, nor does he run as much as the running backs. You cannot get an apples to apples comparison.

The Heisman, however, is not about stats alone. In the team's first season in the AAC, Navy finished the regular season 10-2, tied with Houston for first in the Divison, and ranked thanks in large part to Reynolds' efforts. As Reynolds goes, so go the Midshipmen.

What was likely the most damning towards Reynolds chances was the level of competition. While the AAC made great strides this season and proved to be much more competitive than expected, no one will confuse the AAC for a power conference.

But ask yourself this, where would Navy be this season without Reynolds? Isn't he just as important to Navy as any of the players listed are to their respective teams?

Playing for a power conference team shouldn't be a prerequisite for being a Heisman finalist. The level of competition should absolutely be taken into account when considering finalists, but even ignoring his tremendous career, Reynolds' season seemed worthy of at least an invite to New York given the level to witch he brought his team this year.

Reynolds will have one more opportunity to prove the voters wrong as he leads Navy against Pittsburgh in the Military Bowl on Dec. 28.

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Former Hoya Marcus Derrickson signs a two-way contract with Golden State Warriors


Former Hoya Marcus Derrickson signs a two-way contract with Golden State Warriors

Leaving the Georgetown Hoyas a season early is initially paying off for Marcus Derrickson. 

Less than a month before what would have been his senior season at Georgetown, the 6-7 forward has signed a two-way contract with the Golden State Warriors. 

Derrickson nabbed the second two-way position on the Warriors after an outstanding Summer League translated to a solid preseason.

Fitting right into the Warriors deep-ball oriented scheme, Derrickson was 6-16 from three point range during the five-game preseason. He's a versatile stretch-four that continues to develop and improve on his outside game. 

By signing a two-way contract, the former All-Big East Second teamer will have a chance to get called up to the two-time defending NBA champions at any point this season for up to 45 days. The remaining time will be with the Warriors' G-league affiliate the Santa Cruz Warriors

This arrangement will earn Derrickson a contract of $75,000 and a prorated amount for however much time he is practicing/ playing with Golden State. 

If he is called up to the NBA for more than the allotted 45 days, then the Warriors are obligated to give him a minimum rookie contract. 

Derrickson continues to prove himself as the list of aspiring players dwindles. As each contract begins to near its end, the Warriors time after time offer another opportunity.


West Virginia, Penn State drop in new AP top 25 poll


West Virginia, Penn State drop in new AP top 25 poll

After four of the top eight teams lost, The Associated Press college football poll had a new look behind No. 1 Alabama, with Ohio State reaching No. 2, LSU jumping back to No. 5 and Michigan moving into the top 10 for the first time this season.

The Crimson Tide received all but one of the 61 first-place votes from the media panel Sunday, with Ohio State receiving the other. No. 3 Clemson and No. 4 Notre Dame also moved up a spot. LSU jumped eight after handing Georgia its first loss of the season. The Bulldogs slipped from No. 2 to No. 8.

No. 6 Michigan has its best ranking of the season after blowing out Wisconsin and Texas is up two spots to No. 7.

No. 9 Oklahoma moved back into the top 10 while it was idle and Central Florida remained No. 10.


1. Alabama 7-0 (60 first-place votes, no change from last week)

2. Ohio State 7-0 (1 first-place vote, No. 3 last week)

3. Clemson 6-0 (No. 4 last week)

4. Notre Dame 7-0 (No. 5 last week)

5. LSU 6-1 (No. 13 last week)

6. Michigan 6-1 (No. 12 last week)

7. Texas 6-1 (No. 9 last week)

8. Georgia 6-1 (No. 2 last week)

9. Oklahoma 5-1 (No. 11 last week)

10. UCF 6-0 (No change from last week)

11. Florida 6-1 (No. 14 last week)

12. Oregon 5-1 (No. 17 last week)

13. West Virginia 5-1 (No. 6 last week)

14. Kentucky 5-1 (No. 18 last week)

15. Washington 5-2 (No. 7 last week)

16. NC State 5-0 (No. 20 last week)

17. Texas A&M 5-2 (No. 22 last week)

18. Penn State 4-2 (No. 8 last week)

19. Iowa 5-1 (Not ranked last week)

20. Cincinnati 6-0 (No. 25 last week)

21. South Florida 6-0 (No. 23 last week)

22. Mississippi State 4-2 (No. 24 last week)

23. Wisconsin 4-2 (No. 15 last week)

24. Michigan State 4-2 (Not ranked last week)

25. Washington State 5-1 (Not ranked last week)

Virginia and Maryland are among those that received votes, with each team getting two apiece.


Eight ranked teams overall lost Saturday, including three previously unbeaten teams. Joining Georgia among the previously undefeated on Saturday were West Virginia and Colorado.


All the losses up and down the rankings meant plenty of movement. Joining LSU and Michigan as teams that gained at least four spots were:

-- No. 12 Oregon jumped five after beating Washington in overtime. The Ducks have their best ranking since September 2015.

-- No. 17 Texas A&M moved up five after edging South Carolina on the road.

-- It was a good week to be idle and watch teams plummet. No. 14 Kentucky and No. 16 North Carolina State each gained four spots in an idle week, and No. 20 Cincinnati moved up five.


-- No. 13 West Virginia lost at Iowa State and fell seven spots after reaching a season high last week.

-- No. 15 Washington dropped eight spots after losing at Oregon.

-- No. 18 Penn State's second straight close home loss, this time to Michigan State, dropped the Nittany Lions 10 spots.

-- No. 23 Wisconsin, which started the season ranked fourth, dropped eight spots after its second loss.


-- Colorado reached No. 19, racking up wins against a weak schedule, but USC manhandled the Buffaloes in Los Angeles and now they are unranked.

-- Miami, which started the season at No. 8, is out altogether after losing at Virginia.

-- Auburn, which started the season ninth, is out and no longer receiving votes after getting beat at home by Tennessee and falling to 4-3.


-- Iowa surged into the rankings for the first time this season at No. 19.

-- No. 24 Michigan State is back in after a week out.

-- No. 25 Washington State moved in just in time to host ESPN's "College GameDay" for the first time ever with Oregon coming to town. Getting to Pullman, Washington, is notable for the show because for years it has been followed around by Wazzu fans waving the `Ol Crimson school flag.


A week after the Southeastern Conference placed a season-high eight teams in the poll, the SEC lost one and the Big Ten gained two. The ACC has only two ranked team for the first time since Oct. 4, 2015, when Clemson was No. 6 and Florida State was No. 12. The Tigers played for in the national championship game that season.

SEC -- 7 teams (1, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 23).

Big Ten -- 6 (2, 6, 18, 19, 22, 24).

American -- 3 (10, 20, 21).

Big 12 -- 3 (7, 9, 13).

Pac-12 -- 3 (12, 15, 25).

ACC -- 2 (3, 16).

Independent -- 1 (4).


No. 16 North Carolina State at No. 3 Clemson. The ACC's only ranked and unbeaten teams meet in a game that will likely go a long way toward settling the Atlantic Division.

No. 22 Mississippi State at No. 5 LSU. This will be the fourth ranked team the Tigers have faced -- though two (Miami and Auburn) are no longer.

No. 6 Michigan at No. 24 Michigan State. Another chance for Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines to flipped the narrative.

No. 12 Oregon at No. 25 Washington State. The Ducks look to make it an Evergreen State sweep.