Trevor Lawrence posts five-point plan for combating racial injustices


As the face of college football, Trevor Lawrence has been a leading advocate to have a season this fall. He started the #WeWanttoPlay campaign on Twitter. Now, he's using his platform to help college athletes use their voice before they even take the field. 

With it being officially week No. 1 for his Clemson Tigers, Lawrence wants to make sure the focus isn't taken away from all the social activism seen all around the sports community and beyond. 

"Over the course of the past year, our country has witnessed some of the most atrocious racial injustices against countless Black and African-American people," Lawrence posted on Twitter. "Too many have fallen victim to racial injustice and system inequities. Enough is enough. Real change must come."

The Clemson quarterback's tweet was a thorough call to action not only on behalf of his fellow college athletes but also for the communities that make up so much of the loyal fanbases for these powerhouse programs. 

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Highlighted by a call to relieve student-athletes of practices or activities on this upcoming Election Day, Nov. 3, Lawrence added a handful of recommendations to enact potential change. Lawrence also included potential plans to "ensure all our teammates are registered to vote," create and amplify outreach programs, and also wearing statements on helmets and jerseys to use their platform for a greater good. 


While it's unclear what kind of statements these football players will utilize, or even be allowed to wear, it's an impressive outline of actionable items from the star QB. The expected No. 1 pick in next year's NFL Draft is making sure to leave a legacy that goes far beyond the field with leadership like this.