VCU beats St. Bonaventure


VCU beats St. Bonaventure

ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y. (AP) Treveon Graham scored 17 points and pulled down nine rebounds and Troy Daniels added 10 points to lift Virginia Commonwealth to its 11th straight win, 72-65 over St. Bonaventure in Atlantic 10 Conference play Saturday.

Jarred Guest added nine points and Juvonte Reddic tallied eight points and nine rebounds as the forwards powered VCU (14-3, 2-0) to a 35-28 rebounding advantage and a 32-18 edge in points in the paint.

VCU pushed its lead to seven twice in the second half before St. Bonaventure's cut it to 50-47 on Charlon Kloof's layup. The Rams, however, outscored the Bonnies 16-6 over the next 7 1/2 minutes to take a 66-53 lead with 3:46 left.

Demitrius Conger helped St. Boanventure (7-8, 0-2) slice the deficit to six with 1:08 left, but the Bonnies made just one shot the rest of the way.

Conger led St. Bonaventure with 19 points.

The 7 craziest things that happened in Week 4 of the college football season

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The 7 craziest things that happened in Week 4 of the college football season

No, Michigan getting obliterated by Wisconsin didn't make the list. Losing to ranked opponents isn't uncommon enough for Michigan to qualify as "crazy." But an incredible two-play game-winning drive, Pat Narduzzi learning his lesson, a horrible non-review and a 32-point Pac-12 comeback were all part of another epic week of college football.

Here are the seven craziest things that happened in Week 4.

Tulane beats Houston in epic two-play drive with less than a minute left

The first 59 minutes of this game were fun. The last minute, however, was spectacular.

Tulane overcame a 28-7 deficit to take a 31-28 lead in the fourth quarter. With 21 seconds left to go, Houston lined up and kicked the game-tying field goal. At that point, everyone expected the game was going to overtime.

It wasn’t.

Tulane got the ball at its own 29-yard line and the offense looked like it was lined up to take a knee. Instead, this happened.

That fake kneel got Tulane 18 yards. Presumably, at that point Houston had to know Tulane was going for the win, but the defense sure didn't tackle like it.

On the very next play, quarterback Justin McMillan connected with Jalen McCleskey who should have been tackled at the 25-yard line. He wasn’t despite being surrounded by three Houston players.

Tulane got the ball with 18 seconds left in the game. It took them just 15 seconds to go 71 yards in two plays for the game-winning touchdown.

Rutgers quarterback gets punched in the face by his own center in celebration

Rutgers football is so bad that it appears the players don't even really know how to celebrate. Take this play on Saturday.

After quarterback Artur Sitkowski threw a touchdown pass he was greeted by his center who was so excited he full-on belted his quarterback in the face. This is not an exaggeration.

The state of Tennessee football summed up in a single gif

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

Ole Miss gets screwed by no review

Ole Miss did not deserve to win Saturday’s game against Cal, but they sure did not deserve to lose like this.

The Rebels played a lousy game against Cal, but somehow managed to keep things close and trailed 28-20 late. Ole Miss got the ball all the way down to the 3-yard line. O a 3rd-and-goal with just 17 seconds left, quarterback John Plumlee connected with Elijah Moore for what looked like a touchdown right at the goal line.

It looked like a touchdown, Ole Miss thought it was a touchdown, but the referee did not and, to make matters worse, no review was coming.

This turned into the worst-case scenario for Ole MIss. Because Moore was called down in front of the goal line, the clock kept ticking. Ole Miss could not spike the ball because it was fourth down so with almost no time left, the Rebels hastily got into formation and Plumlee tried to stuff the ball in himself but was denied by Cal.

It is important to note that Ole Miss was down by eight so even if they had scored the touchdown, they still would have needed the two-point conversion just to tie. Having said that, they got hosed.

The referees watched this play and determined that not only was this not a touchdown, but it did not even warrant a review:

A review would have stopped the clock and likely given the Rebels the touchdown. Even if it didn't Ole Miss would been prepared to run an actual play before time expired.

South Carolina quarterback catches own pass, throws it backward for Missouri touchdown

One of the great things about college football is how often we are treated to bizarre plays that you have never seen before. Take this play in the South Carolina - Missouri game.

South Carolina quarterback Ryan Hilinski had his pass batted out of the air and right back to him. He threw the ball to the ground thinking it would be an incomplete pass. The issue, however, was that he regained possession of the ball and threw it backward. The ball rolled into the end zone where a Missouri player wisely picked it up. Upon review, it was determined the backward pass was a fumble and, because there was a clear recovery by Missouri, the play resulted in a touchdown.

Pitt wins off a fourth-down touchdown one week after not going for it on fourth down

As was once famously uttered on the show South Park, "If irony were made of strawberries, we'd all be drinking a lot of smoothies right now.

Last week Pitt boldly elected not to go for it when faced with a fourth-and-goal at the 1-yard line trailing rival Penn State 17-10. They boldly attempted a field goal which they boldly missed. After the game, head coach Pat Narduzzi boldly said he was boldly not playing for overtime. The Panthers boldly lost in part because of his bold play calling.

On Saturday, Pitt blew a 21-0 lead against UCF and trailed 34-28 in the fourth quarter. Facing a fourth-and-three at the 4-yard line with less than a minute to go, this time Narduzzi elected to go for it on fourth down and pulled out the Philly Special.

I guess Narduzzi learned his lesson as Pitt snapped UCF's 27-game regular-season win streak. Then again, Pitt was only trailing by six. Had it been seven, maybe he would have elected to try the field goal again.

Washington State gets 9 passing touchdowns...and loses

UCLA entered Saturday's game 0-3 having only scored 42 points combined in those three games. They went to Pullman to play a ranked Washington State team that was 3-0. Cougars quarterback Anthony Gordon threw for 570 yards and a whopping nine touchdowns as Washington State opened up a 32-point lead over the Bruins...and yet, somehow, UCLA managed to come back and win the game 67-63.

Yes, Pac-12 After Dark was certainly on display on Saturday with a game that will have every SEC fan shaking their head in disgust.


A win’s a win: Virginia improves to 4-0 after escaping a scare by ODU

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A win’s a win: Virginia improves to 4-0 after escaping a scare by ODU

The Virginia Cavaliers were given quite a scare on Saturday but managed to battle back from a 17-0 deficit for the hard-fought 28-17 win over Old Dominion.

In the last 15 seasons, the Cavaliers have trailed by double digits going into halftime in 38 games. Before Saturday, they came back to win only one of those games. Virginia improved to 2-37 after rallying to defeat the Monarchs and are 4-0 on the season for the first time since 2004.

The good: The defensive recovery

It’s hard to win when you spot the other team 17 points. UVA needed its defense to step up after a horrific start and they did, not allowing a single point the rest of the game after the Monarchs took a 17-0 lead.

After the first three drives, Virginia forced six punts, two turnovers on downs and a pick-six and allowed only 94 total yards of offense.

That’s one hell of an adjustment by the defense and it saved the game as the offense sputtered for most of the night.

The bad: The start

As good as the defense was for most of the game, they sure were terrible at the star. Virginia dug themselves a 17-0 hole as ODU marched down the field in each of their first three possessions. The Monarchs got the ball to start and went 74 yards in 11 plays before settling for a field goal. The next drive they sent 48 yards in five plays for a touchdown and they recorded a second touchdown after than it nine plays and 89 yards.

That’s three drives, 17 points and 211 yards of offense.  Yikes.

The ugly: Bryce Perkins’ injury scare

After a fantastic 15 yard run in which Perkins turned what looked like a sure loss into a nice gain, the very next play was almost a disaster. The snap took Perkins by surprise and he scrambled back after the ball. As he tried to get on top of it, he was obliterated by Keion White. Virginia eventually was able to pounce on the loose ball and the play was negated by an offside penalty, but Perkins stayed down on the field.

After several minutes that felt like an absolute eternity to all Cavalier fans, Perkins was able to get up and trot off the field. He sat out the one required play before returning to the game, thus disaster was averted for UVA.

Perkins was the Cavaliers’ most dynamic player yet again on the night as he led the team in rushing with 35 yards, threw for an additional 175 yards and recorded two touchdowns.