Hip-hop icon, reality star and ageless wonder Flavor Flav is in Washington, D.C. this week for the 2017 Big Ten Tournament at Verizon Center.

It's an odd pairing for sure. The 57-year-old New York native made his name as a part of Public Enemy, one of the most polarizing rap groups in music history.

But on Wednesday afternoon, there was the former "Flavor of Love" star sitting court-side for Penn State's first-round game against Nebraska.



And while it's an unexpected sight, there is a perfectly good reason for it. Shep Garner, Penn State's top player and leading scorer, is cousins with Flavor Flav, whose real name is William Drayton Jr. As it turns out, Garner's maternal grandmother is sister with Flav's mother. 

"We see him about 20 times a year," Garner, a junior guard from Philadelphia told Philly.com in February 2015. "He comes to my house. Him and my mom are like really close."


The Big Ten Tournament in Washington, D.C. already has some confused, so the presence of hip-hop's foremost clock enthusiast makes it all the more confusing.