Orioles CEO John Angelos reaffirms club’s commitment to Baltimore


Baltimore Orioles chairman and CEO John Angelos said in a statement Monday that the team will remain in Charm City.

“As long as Fort McHenry is standing watch over the Inner Harbor, the Orioles will remain in Baltimore,” Angelos said.

That statement came in the wake of news broken June 9 by the Baltimore Banner that John Angelos, 54, is being sued by his brother, Louis Angelos, 52. They are the sons of Orioles owner Peter Angelos, 92, who bought the team in 1993 and remains the majority owner. 

Louis Angelos also named his mother, Georgia, 80, in the lawsuit. It alleges that despite being named a co-trustee of the team by his father, he has been cut out of big decisions, including whether the Orioles would be sold or even moved. 

The Angelos Family has a personal history with the city. Georgia was born and raised in Baltimore and the family has spent the majority of their lives tending to the livelihood of their city.

“For them, as for me, the Orioles will forever play at Oriole Park, and at no time ever have we contemplated anything different,” John Angelos said.


In April 2022 the Maryland General Assembly passed a bill for $1.2 billion to upgrade both 30-year-old Oriole Park and the nearby Baltimore Ravens' M&T Bank Stadium. The Orioles and the state also signed a lease extension at Oriole Park, which now runs through 2023 with a team option to extend it again through 2028. 

“Maryland is committed to keeping our team in this great state, and I am equally committed to keeping the Orioles at the heart of our state,” John Angelos said.

Angelos’ and the rest of the franchise’s plan is to generate another $10 billion for the state and welcome another influx of people to the city. 

He continues to assure the members of the franchise, as well as its fans and supporters, that the team has no intention of ever leaving.

“There is nothing uncertain about the future of the Baltimore Orioles,” said Angelos.

As one of the American League’s eight charter teams in 1901, the Orioles started their trajectory as a major league club in Milwaukee, Wis., in 1901. Soon after, the team moved to St. Louis, Mo., to become the St. Louis Browns. And after 52 years in Missouri, the franchise was brought to Baltimore. 

Since their 1954 debut in Charm City, the Orioles have three World Series titles, nine AL East Division titles and seven AL pennants.