Gleyber Torres owns the Baltimore Orioles now. 

That's it. That's all you need to know.

Why, you ask? Torres his his fifth multi-home run game agaisnt the Orioles on Monday. That's his fifth in this season alone, the most by any player against any team in a season in MLB history, according to Katie Sharp.

Oh, and with those two home runs--one in the the fifth inning and one in the sixth inning--Torres now has a total of 13 homers against the Orioles in 2019, one fewer than the all-time record Lou Gehrig set agaisnt Cleveland in 1936 (14) and the most any one player has against any one opponent in the divisional era.

Nothing is better than Gary Thorne's call of Torres' 13th homer.


(Oh, and Baltimore intentionally walked Torres in the eighth inning, with New York ahead 11-6 and the Yankees with two men on and two outs.)

Maybe this person on Twitter has the right idea...

Either way, Gleyber Torres has put on a show against Baltimore this season. And it's not over yet.