Cat causes nearly 4-minute delay in Yankees-Orioles game

A cat runs onto the field at Yankee Stadium

The Yankees’ grounds crew was put to the test in its ability to catch a wild cat on the field during Monday night’s game against the Orioles and it took nearly four minutes before the stray was finally led through a gate, much to the dismay of Yankees fans.

First spotted in front of the Orioles’ dugout, the cat was chased out to center field where it began a series of escapades trying to scale the outfield wall. Several attempts by the Yankees’ staff members came up empty as M-V-P chants began to spread across the ballpark.

Eventually, someone wised up enough to open a gate for the cat to run through. Fans immediately began to boo. With the Yankees trailing 7-1, it was the most exciting event the New York faithful saw all night.