Chris Davis is back in the starting lineup Saturday after sitting on the bench on Friday.

Davis said Friday that the Orioles' losing season, combined with his own poor performance and a particular miscue at first base is what pushed him over the edge, leading to a heated exchange with manager Brandon Hyde. Davis had to be restrained during the incident and finally got to explain his side of the story ahead of the Orioles' Friday night game.

"It’s going to happen when you have that much frustration when you’re constantly having to deal with failure," Davis said.

He added that he and Hyde are "going to be fine."

Davis is batting .182 on the season but maintained that he thinks he's been able to help the team on defense. After failing to make a pick on a throw in the dirt, the Orioles gave up a two-run home run later in the inning. In the dugout, the frustration just boiled over.

Davis returns to the lineup, batting seventh and playing first base. Here's the full lineup:

1. Villar SS
2. Mancini RF
3. Santander LF
4. Nunez DH
5. Peterson 3B
6. Sisco C
7. Davis 1B
8. Alberto 2B
9. Wilkerson CF
Brooks RHP

The Orioles take on the Astros Saturday night at 7:05 p.m. at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.