Mike Bordick: Chris Davis comeback 'never going to happen'


Much has been made over the last few seasons about Chris Davis' struggles and whether there's any chance of a bounce back season in his future.

The longtime slugger signed a franchise-record contract prior to the 2016 MLB season, but he has been a below average player or worse since 2017. Davis still has two seasons left on his deal, but fans have been clamoring for the Orioles to cut bait and move on for a few years now.

Davis made headlines earlier in the week with his comments on both the state of the Orioles rebuild and his place in it, and also the effect his contract has on the organization.

In an interview with 105.7 The Fan, former Oriole and current MASN broadcaster Mike Bordick weighed in on Davis and his potential comeback. He wasn't shy about where he thinks Davis needs to improve.

“There were a couple of head-scratching comments by Chris Davis. I think the thing that got me was the fact that he said when he came back for the second spring training, he just didn’t feel the same as he did in the first spring. And, I think unfortunately, there is a track record with Chris Davis’ work habits,” Bordick said.

Davis' strong spring training (in February/March) in 2020 didn't carry over into the truncated season beginning later in the summer. He once again struggled to make contact and stay healthy, and he didn't hit a single home run in just 16 games played.


“I think a lot of us want to see Chris Davis come out of this at some point. It’s never going to happen because of his work habits,” Bordick continued. “He proved that after he left spring training because when he came back he wasn’t the same. He didn’t have the same explosive bat speed. He didn’t even have the same mental attitude. He thought he could repeat that without the repetition of the work. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen in baseball. Period. I don’t care what age you are, but as you age in this game, you actually have to work harder, not less.”

These comments paint an unfortunate picture of Davis, who has regularly made public comments about tweaking his swing, re-establishing his work ethic, and taking other steps to try to find his swing again.

If you ask Bordick, though, it's never going to happen. And as someone as closely involved with the organization as Bordick is, it's hard to doubt him.