According to one account, the first time the Astros used trash can banging significantly was against the Orioles on May 28, 2017. 

The account, ran by a self-described Astros fan named Tony Adams, studied every 2017 Astros home game with video available to determine the amount of bangs during each game.

The way the data was collected to determine what constituted a “bang” was to find the audio from a particular at-bat and follow the noise on a visual screening of the audio of the play.

Through the 2017 season, one that ended in an Astros World Series victory, he found that the number of bangs slowly ramped up in May — and took off when the Astros played the Orioles.

While there weren't any videos available for some games, the most the Astros used a banging noise before May 28 was six times. Against the Orioles, a banging noise was detected 28 times. That Sunday, the Astros won 8-4. Video was not available for data collection during the first two games of the series — 2-0 and 5-2 Astros victories.

Alec Asher started for the Orioles on the 28th and allowed six earned runs on six hits in just two innings pitched. Two of those runs came off a George Springer home run in the second inning. During that at-bat, four bangs were detected — but none on the cutter that led to the home run. 

The number of bangs detected, Adams found, increased the rest of the season. There were just two more games in which the number of bangs fell to less than 10.


The highest number all season was on Aug. 4 against the Blue Jays when 54 bangs were detected. That day, the Astros won 16-7.