Mancini playfully interacts with a fan who thinks he's playing this year


It's become a common occurrence in the age of social media. Fans reaching out to athletes, asking them to do something on the field that will in turn help that person win a bet or achieve something personal.

So, when a Twitter user by the name of Charles Somerville asked Orioles outfielder Trey Mancini to hit two home runs to help him get a car so that he could bring his daughter to a game in the future, it seemed like a solid proposal. There was just one problem.

Mancini would not be playing in the game as he sits out the season while battling colon cancer. But, being the kind person he is, he made sure to let Charles down lightly.



The Twitter user quickly switched his proposal, asking Mancini to motivate his teammates to do it for him. That makes the request more plausible, as two homers in the game by a team is easier than two by one player.


Mancini responded saying he would do just that, and that he was confident in their chances.



Through the early stages of Saturday's game against the Red Sox, Pat Valaika helped Charles by launching a solo homer. If one more leaves the yard, just know that the Orioles dugout won't be the only ones celebrating.